A Little About Me –

My interests are in both photography and digital art design. My photography “Macro World” is in Botany and Still Life. Digital art design is one of my favourite ways to express my creativity and imagination. I believe photography is the art of seeing and visualising the world in pictures. Digital art design is like painting, except the paint never dries.

I got hooked real early in the digital photography world with my first Digital Sony (no changeable lenses) camera in 1995. I created my own business in 1998 ZoomCam Digital Photos and started selling my photos to online stock photography agencies. Over the years my photography have been in exhibited shows at Harlow Gallery, L/A Arts, Gallery5, Chocolate Church Art Center, and few local restaurants. I have sold at Art Events and SideWalk Art Shows. I am a member of PSA, MPPA, CACC, NECCC, Fine Art America (FAA) which is a Professional Network for Visual Artists, and Photographers.

My new business Venture is DMarie Cards started in 2016-17. Please use the Contact Me on this website if interested in buying DMarie Cards RETAIL OR WHOLESALE. I donate a yearly percent of my profits from DMarie Cards to Breast Cancer Research.

My Website to See and Sell is:  http://dmariecards.pixels.com