Wishing you a Beautiful Day! Note Card


Love the Earth, Bike!  This is Leah’s bike, had a fun day at Leah’s with photography – Love this photography shot. Thank you, Leah!

Just A Note Card Collection –  Box of 8 cards/white envelopes with 1 design-card, inside words – ”Love the Earth, Bike!”.  size of card is 4.25 x 5.5-cost of one box is $12.95 in clear plastic box.


Happy Birthday to you – Note Card

DMARIE-MUSIC-DANCING-2“You say it’s your birthday, We’re gonna have a good time” Happy birthday to you!

TO: Mom – An April 4th Birthday,  So TODAY is your birthday So Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you…So Remember to Dance, Dance, Dance, today like it is 1933!

My Digital Art Design Birthday Card Collection –  Birthday Note Card /white envelopes with 1 card-design, size is 4.25 x 5.5, cost is $4.50 in clear plastic sleeve, inside words/”So remember to Dance, Dance, Dance, like it is 1926″!