Mainah note cards – MAINE Directional Sign!

Since, I am the real deal 100% Mainah Brand (3 generations of Mainers) and born, raised in Auguster, Maine.  It hit me all at once I can make the funniest cards evah, evah, evah!  My new 40 card collection will be Maine Humor with the Maine slang.  Hopefully, most of you Mainah’s will know this spot?  ENJOY!


Card Name: “The Maine Humor Collection”
Title of Card:  You can’t get theyah from heyah
Inside text:  yup, hope, yup, nope….

Single Card design-cards, with text inside.
Cost: $3.75 comes with 1 cards/white envelopes
Card Size: 6.25X9 in a clear plastic sleeve.
Note: the Watermark “Signature” does not appear in the final print.


Photography and Design By: Dawna-Marie Leavitt
DMarie Photography & Digital Art Design Cards

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