MAINAH Humah Card – Maine – Isn’t just a state, it’s a state of mind!


Card Line: “The Mainah Humah Collection”
Title of Card:  Isn’t just a state, it’s a state of mind!
Inside Text:   A True MAINAH, if ya….
• shop at ‘Reny’s’
• eat red hot dogs
• vacation ‘upta camp’
• carry ‘jumpah’ cables
• heat is fueled by logs
• spend hours tinkering
• love Maine ‘whoopie-pies’
• your perfume is ‘BEN’S 100’
• been in the ‘puckahbrush’
• have a wardrobe of orange
• love going to a ‘bean suppa’
• an expert at eating ‘lobstah’
• drive 65 mph in A ‘Nor’eastah’
• call the basement ‘downcellah’
• know when ‘black fly’ season is
• ‘duct tape’ is your favorite tool
• know people who have hit a ‘deah’
• understand ‘Ayuh’, ‘Wicked’, ‘Bean’s’
• like drilling holes though 18” of ice
• own a ‘beetah’ that is all ‘stoved up’
• call four inches of snow ‘A dusting’
• can make wicked good ‘fish chowdah’
• measured distance in hours, not miles
• crave Italian sandwiches at least weekly
• think you’re in a traffic jam, with 3 ‘cahs’
• understand dump is the ‘transfah station’
• LOVE ‘wintah’, ‘mudah’, ‘shoo-fly’ & ‘leaf peepahs’

Single Card design with text inside.
Cost: $3.75 comes with 1 card/white envelope
Card Size: A6: 6.25X9 folded card in a clear plastic sleeve.
Note: the Watermark “Signature” does not appear in the final print.

Photography and Design By: Dawna-Marie Leavitt
DMarie Photography & Digital Art Design Cards

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